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Welcome!! I am trying a new layout and I don't know how this is gonna work out exactly... or even if it will... but what the heck.... right?? You can't make an omelette without first breaking some eggs!! This is gonna take me a while to fix so please be patient with me!

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About Me

I am a 41 year old mother of two. Anthony (age 9) and Aeryn (age 14). I have two dogs and two cats and a WONDERFUL significant other!! I am an environmental activist and an advocate of volunteering your time to do things to make our planet a better place for the future!! Although I live in Spokane, Washington now... I will forever consider Seattle to be home and I do go back several times a year for actions and other events.


I have many hobbies and things I do for fun. I belong to a medieval recreation group and have (finally) achieved my knighthood in archery. If my body holds out... I hope to get my second one in combat... though that will still be a ways off because i get really nervous about whacking my FRIENDS with kendo shinai.
I am also an artist. I do A LOT of art builds for various activist groups I follow because they know I'm good at making the signs they need. I've done signs for political causes, social justice causes, and mostly... environmental causes. My main medium is paint and recycled cardboard.

Environmental Activism

Besides my family... i have one true love in life. Environmental Activism. I was locked up as a teenager... and while I was there... we were told to find something we are passionate about... and find a club or group to sign up with. I was SOOOOO pissed when they wouldn't let me join Greenpeace...
Nowadays... I belong to a group called Spokane Rising Tidewhich is a part of Rising Tide North America. We have done environmental actions from protesting Megaloads in Sandpoint, Idaho to planning a MASSIVE action (Coming In May) Portland, Oregon. BreakFree will be held in Anacortes, Washington and you can Click Here for more information on that!!
A Few Actions I've Been A Part Of
Megaload Protesting In Sandpoint, Idaho
sHellNo's Luminary Flotilla in Elliott Bay, Seattle, Washington
Not Another Haiyan March and Blockade in Seattle WA
and coming up in may I will be a part of Break Free PNW in Anacortes, Washington

What's Next??

In June... I am going to a really awesome summer camp for activist on Vashon island. I've been to Action Camp before but it is REALLY REALLY fun and you can never learn too much as an activist. After that though... my calendar is still pretty open for the moment. There are bomb train hearings in Spokane but I never know for sure what I'm going to do till right before the event!!!

Journal Entries

My proudest moment as an activist was at the People's Climate March. My son, who was 7 at the time stood up with a chant sheet and got the ENTIRE crowd to follow his lead in the chants. I have never been more inspired as a parent as I was to hear my baby yelling. BOMB TRAINS?!?! and a hundred people responding to him. INSANE!!!!
Why Do I Do What I Do?
As an activist, i get that question... A LOT! Over time my answer has gotten shorter and simpler... but no less true. I fight for my planet at the risk of my life and freedom because someone has to. Nothing changes if no one stands up for Mother Earth. We may be different colors, we may have different spiritual paths and lifestyles... but one thing we ALL need to remember is that we are ALL HUMAN BEINGS and without Mother Earth... we do not exist.

  • I believe that what I do will have an effect
  • I am stubborn
  • I have many useful skills
  • I am dedicated to my cause
Ahhh internet.. I Have Missed You
Wednesday. 1.17.18 11:36 pm
Yay!! Not only do i have a mostly working computer again.... I actually remember my password for nutang!!! Yay!!! I will try to update my blog as often as i can... but no promises!!

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Saturday. 8.13.16 4:37 pm

It realllly sucks when you're bored enough to download Pokemon Go (just to make the neighborhood emo whackjobs who love this game cry as i steal all the Pokemon) and the service on your cellphone goes out... Dunno why... dunno when it'll be back... but it sucks.

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Well... that was crazy.....
Sunday. 7.10.16 10:08 am
mood: positively content with life!!!
listening to: the air conditioner grumbling

Life is slowly going back to normal... sort of. I'm not constantly tired anymore... (Yay!!) I'm getting big as a house but that's to be expected... I'm pregnant for fuck's sake.... still.. I feel pretty self conscious about it regardless of why. Overall though... I'm a happy camper...

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Wednesday. 5.25.16 12:06 pm
It never seems to rain... it always seems to pour in this apartment complex. Yesterday... the cops had to bring in a K9 unit to catch a jackass who helped a girl beat up her mom.. and today... a lady having chest pains hit the building next door... It's FRUSTRATING to have to constantly deal with other people's shit. I'm pregnant for crap's sake... I don't need this stress. Thank the gods.. everyone in the car is mostly ok... and the building is structurally sound... but for the love of fluffy muffins.. I'm sick of the constant chaos. If it's not the adults fighting or having medical issues... it's the damned kids being bullies... My son knows how to deal with bullies... so they don't bother him anymore... but fuck... Should he really have to constantly defend the younger kids from the bigger ones?? He already popped Cyrus the Virus in the mouth for messing with a younger kid... I just want a nice quiet peaceful place to live..... *sigh*

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UPDATE: I'm Ok now....
Friday. 5.20.16 11:41 am
mood: relieved

After doing a little research on snails... I've discovered that they are, in fact, relatively LOW MAINTENANCE!!! The most work involved is setting up the snail's habitat... which really seems like fun to me. The only drawback I've found so far is that a snails average lifespan in a terrarium.. is fifteen to twenty years... with SOME living as long as 25. Anthony has been telling me everything about raising snails that he learned in science class (Thanks, Mr Foley...) and I'm fairly confident in his ability to keep these little critters alive. (Snail adoptions in 3rd Grade Science. It's great!! )

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I must be insane....
Friday. 5.20.16 10:32 am
My son brought home a permission slip yesterday... I thought it sounded like a great idea.... so i signed it. What in NINE PINK FUZZY HELLS WAS I THINKING... Our family consists of... two cats, two (small, thankfully) dogs... three humanoids (with a fourth on the way) and now... two SNAILS.... yes... i said two freaking snails.... I'm not terribly upset by snails... but do we REALLY need more household members??

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A Profound Week Of Revelations And Revolution
Thursday. 5.19.16 9:42 am
mood: strange.... i feel... strange

This last week has been truly amazing for its overwhelmingness.. Last Thursday... I found out that I am indeed pregnant. I find out my due date this afternoon... It's quite a surprise to be having a baby at 41 but it's not unwelcome at all. My son is rather excited about being a big brother. He really wants this to be a boy... but he said he would be happy with a little sister to protect too...

Then... last weekend was #breakfree. We pretty much took over Anacortes and it was GREAT!! Environmental activism at its finest!! It was awesome because not only did we make our statement to the world.... but I got to see people I hadn't seen since sHell No in Seattle last year. The highlights of my weekend were offfering support to the blockaders on the tracks on the first day and facing down the SWAT goon squads on the third. (SWAT cops are apparently scared of pregnant women with cameras...lol.... who knew!?!) I have pictures up in my gallery in the #BreakFreePNW album.
All told.. there were 52 arrests at the track blockade on Sunday morning and as of Sunday night... all were out of jail!! I consider this a victory for Planet Earth!

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How To Fix The Government AND Get Rich
Monday. 4.25.16 1:01 pm

In a world of get rich quick schemes and lawsuit happy people... this might actually work. First off... we take a life insurance policy out on Donald Trump. Lots and Lots of money... (Do your research folks... some insurance companies don't pay out if it's murder or suicide) Then... we get the prick elected to office... and don't worry... phase 3 of this plan will come along soon enough!! We wait... ( all of 30 seconds, probably) till either Al Qaeda or the Mexican drug cartels assassinate his stupid ass. Then we collect said life insurance money... move to... somewhere else... and live peacefully for the rest of our natural lives!!! Hence... we rid the world of Donald Chump... we get rich ourselves... and we can live in a tiny village somewhere doing feelgood stuff to help the villagers with our ridiculous amounts of money.

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